Blends of Tea


Jasmine Tea is made from Green Tea leaves that are scented with jasmine flowers.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey Tea is a Black Tea scented with bergamot oil. The oil of the bergamot orange is mixed with Black Tea to give Earl Grey Tea it’s characteristic flavour.

English Breakfast

English Breakfast Tea is an extremely popular tea with a bold, robust taste. It is generally a strong, full bodied blend of North Indian, Kenyan and other choice teas.

Fruit Tea

Fruit Teas are Black or Green Teas flavoured with a natural essence of fruit.

Herbal Infusion

Herbal Infusions can be made from seeds, berries, flowers, bark and roots of the herb.


Rooibos or African Red Tea is a red coloured tea-like herbal infusion. It is prepared from the leaves of Aspalathus Linearis, a low-growing bush native to South Africa.

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