Breakfast Cereals

Cereal Production

Our manufactures produce more than 50 types of cereal ingredients for export worldwide. They have all major cereal processing lines available including rolling line, drum dryer, traditional toasting, extruder, puffing gun and even infra-red drying.

Cereal We Supply

  •    Plain Corn Flakes
  •    Chocolate Corn Flakes
  •    Frosted Corn Flakes
  •    Plain Rice Bubbles
  •    Chocolate Rice Bubbles
  •    Strawberry Rice Bubbles
  •    Wheat Flakes
  •    Fruit Rings
  •    Toasted Oat Rings (Natural)
  •    Toasted Oat Rings (Honey)
  •    Toasted Oat Rings (Apple and Cinnamon)
  •    Chocolate Balls
  •    Toasted Muesli (with Fruit)
  •    Plain Muesli (with Fruit)

All Cereal Products are sourced from our affiliate Mills.

They have the following International Quality Certifications :-

  •  HACCP
  •  ISO 22000
  •  ISO 9001
  •  GMP

In addition all Cereals are

halal approved logo
   Halal Certified

kosher approved logo
   Kosher Approved

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