Instant Coffee

All our Instant Coffees, have that rich aroma and delicious taste while you savour the rich, aroma and that distinct flavour for as long as you can.

During the journey, only the finest coffee beans are carefully selected, processed, blended, roasted, ground and packaged before making their way to our warehouses in the form of instant or roasted coffee.

At each stage, great care is taken and quality checks are completed by coffee experts to ensure you enjoy a delicious, quality cup of coffee every time.

The different blends of coffee you savour and enjoy are created by varying the type of coffee beans used and roasting methods. This is what gives each blend its own special flavour and rich aroma. Nothing's added or taken away, just 100% pure, natural coffee. Coffee, including instant coffee, is 100% natural and contains no additives. It also is a natural source of antioxidants.  Coffee is made only from coffee beans which are the seeds of coffee berries. Coffee berries are bright red in colour and grow on coffee trees native to subtropical Africa, southern Asia and South America.

To create coffee, the beans found in the coffee berry undergo a natural process before finding their way into your cup for you to enjoy. After the coffee has been carefully roasted by master roasters, large quantities are ground and expertly brewed. The brewed coffee is then concentrated by evaporating the water component. The strong tasting brewed coffee is then dried using one of two techniques: freeze-drying or spray-drying. Coffee is enjoyed and loved by millions around the world as part of their day. Throughout history, coffee has been associated with pleasure and enjoyment – from 14th century Arabian merchants, to the famous coffee houses of Venice, to the comfort of your own home. Whether shared with friends or enjoyed alone as a welcome break to the day, coffee has the ability to create pleasure, reward and enjoyment. Coffee is an experience to savour, stimulating the senses from the smell of the aroma, to the first sip.                     

Australasian Food Services Coffee is a superbly elegant taste, accompanied by a delicate aroma. For all those who appreciate a mild premium coffee still full of character.

Coffee Blends

  •    100% Robusta Spray Dried Powder
  •    100% Robusta Freeze Dried Granules
  •    Arabica / Robusta Blend

Our Coffee is available in Bulk box's of 10kg / 15kg and 20 kg. There are 2 main types we supply :-

  •    Sourced from only 100% Robusta Beans and      not blended in any way
  •    Blended with a mixture of Arabica and Robusta    beans.

Both are available in Spray Dried Powder or Freeze Dried Granules.

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