Our Jams are all 100% Australian Made, and made from the finest fruit to age old receipes. 

All our jams can be packaged to individual clients requests including :-
  •    Single serve portions (13.5 grams)
  •    Room Service Jars (28 gram)
  •    2kg, 5kg and 25kg Drums
  •    Bulk Containers

Flavours of Jam

  •    Strawberry
  •    Raspberry
  •    Plum
  •    Apricot
  •    Orange Marmalade
Other flavours are available upon request.


    Australian-style marmalade is a sweet preserve with a bitter tang made from fruit, sugar, water, and (in some commercial brands) a gelling agent. American-style marmalade is sweet, not bitter. When speaking of Australian marmalade, it almost always refers to a preserve derived from a citrus fruit, most commonly oranges, although onion marmalade is also used as an accompaniment to savoury dishes. The recipe includes sliced or chopped fruit peel, which is simmered in fruit juice and water until soft; indeed, marmalade is sometimes described as jam with fruit peel (although many companies now also manufacture peel-free marmalade). Such marmalade is most often consumed on toasted bread for breakfast. Marmalade can also be made from lemons, limes, grapefruit, strawberries or a combination.

    Fruit Jams

    Made from the finest Local and imported ingredients, Australian Food Services Jams are tailor made to suit our clients requirements. 

    They can be packaged for Hotel style single serve portions or into Room service 28 gram jars. we can tailor the packaging and labelling to suit your requirements. Call a member of our Customer Service team to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.

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