Artificial Sweetener

We can supply many types of sweetener, depending on your requirements and preferences.

  •    Aspartame
  •    Sucralose
  •    Saccharin
  •    Stevia
  •    AceSufame K

Some benefits of using sweetener are: 

To assist in weight loss – some people choose to limit their food energy intake by replacing high-energy sugar with other sweeteners having little or no food energy. This allows them to eat the same foods they normally would, while allowing them to lose weight and avoid other problems associated with excessive caloric intake. 

Dental care – sugar substitutes are tooth-friendly, as they are not fermented by the microflora of the dental plaque. An example of a sweetener that can benefit dental health is xylitol. Xylitol works to prevent bacteria from adhering to the tooth surface, thus preventing plaque formation and eventually decay. The carbohydrates and sugars consumed usually adheres to the tooth enamel. Bacteria can feed upon this food source allowing them to quickly multiply. As the bacteria feed upon the sugar, they convert it to acid waste that in turn decays the tooth structure. Xylitol cannot be fermented by these bacteria, so the bacteria have difficulty thriving, thus helping to prevent plaque formation 

Diabetes  – people with diabetes have difficulty regulating their blood sugar levels. By limiting their sugar intake with artificial sweeteners, they can enjoy a varied diet while closely controlling their sugar intake. Also, some sugar substitutes do release energy, but are metabolized more slowly, allowing blood sugar levels to remain more stable over time. 

Hypoglycemia – individuals with reactive hypoglycemia will produce an excess of insulin after quickly absorbing glucose into the bloodstream. This causes their blood glucose levels to fall below the amount needed for proper body and brain function. As a result, like diabetics, they must avoid intake of high-glycemic foods like white bread, and often choose artificial sweeteners as an alternative.

Australasian Food Services Sweetener can be supplied in 1 gram sachets 

Sweetness - 1 Sachet of low calorie sweetener = 2 teaspoons of regular sugar 

Supplied in single sachets or strips joined or as per our clients specifications

Certifications : FDA, ISO9001:2000

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