Tea Bags

Sourced from the finest tea gardens in the world, Australasian Food Services Black tea is expertly blended to give you a superb taste. It is also a rich natural source of antioxidants. This is important because a heart healthy diet typically contains flavonoid rich foods. Studies have also shown that tea, the amount you enjoy in 3 cups, can improve blood vessel function.

Common Types of Tea

  •   Black
  •   White
  •   Green
  •   Oolong

Blends of Tea

  •   Jasmine
  •   Earl Grey
  •   English Breakfast
  •   Fruit Tea
  •   Herbal Infusion
  •   Rooibos

Tea Bags and Tea Supply

Black teas are fully fermented and vary in appearance from a broken to a long black leaf, resulting in a golden-brown liquor. These teas are the most commonly drunk in the western world. All our Black Teas comes from Rainforest Alliance certified farms.

Our tea bags can be supplied with a draw string and tag alone or enclosed in a sachet. They are packed in bulk 1000 / 5000 bag cartons or as per our clients specifications

We can tailor make your tea bags to suit your requirements :-

  •   Pot Bags
  •   Single Chamber or Double Chamber bags
  •   Tea bag with Draw string only
  •   Tea bag with Draw strip in an individual      
We can package them in retails boxes with your brand and logo, or supply in bulk boxes of 5,000

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