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The Creative Art Of Condiment Display

- By James Delaney

Displaying condiments in a creative way can be an art form - I insist on this when I dress a table for a conference or social gathering.  Condiments are probably the item most overlooked when it comes to display - this seems like a crazy missed opportunity when creating ambience - as they are so inextricably linked to a convivial atmosphere when people come together.

"Pass the salt" 

"Can you give me some of that jam"

As they become the focal point quite often during a business meeting, or a nice lunch - it can be a great idea to think of creative ways to display them when preparing to feed the masses or when decorating a table.  Hoteliers understand the value of creative condiment display - think of that lovely moment when you enter your hotel room and find everything you need - coffee, tea, sugar - beautifully arranged and right there at your fingertips.  In fact, with just a little creative thought - the way that you display these foodie essentials can even become a conversational piece for your guests or conference attendees.

Instead of simply placing the items on the table - the first step is to consider a nice condiment holder or a series of small holders, so that diners can easily access what they need and appreciate the attractiveness of the display.

Using the manufacturers' bottles might be necessary in some cases, for convenience, however you could use glass bottles or jars, or place jam sachets in nice wooden cases.

Once you have decided on your casing of choice - glass, wood, stainless steel or crystal - you can then put thought and effort into adding some personalised touches - for example ribbons, napkins, flowers, candles - perhaps little cards with interesting messages written across them - or small wooden statues. Depending on the venue you could use crystals and glitter!  For ease of access and deliver consider a nice tray, decorated and themed out - so that you can easily replace the condiments when they have been used, or when your guests finish eating.

It is the little touches that can often create the most beautiful dining atmosphere - I take condiments very seriously indeed, and suggest that they should never be overlooked - because they really do lie at the heart of every great dining experience.

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