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Instant Coffee

All our Instant Coffees, have that rich aroma and delicious taste while you savour the rich, aroma and that distinct flavour for as long as you can.

During the journey, only the finest coffee beans are carefully selected, processed, blended, roasted, ground and packaged before making their way to our warehouses in the form of instant or roasted coffee.

Coffee Blends

  •    100% Robusta Spray Dried Powder
  •    100% Robusta Freeze Dried Granules
  •    Arabica / Robusta Blend

Our Coffee is available in Bulk box's of 10kg / 15kg and 20 kg. There are 2 main types we supply :-

  •    Sourced from only 100% Robusta Beans and not blended in any way
  •    Blended with a mixture of Arabica and Robusta beans.

Both are available in Spray Dried Powder or Freeze Dried Granules.


Artificial Sweetener

  •    Aspartame
  •    Sucralose
  •    Saccharin
  •    Stevia
  •    AceSufame K

These are supplied in 1 gram sachets Sweetness - 1 Sachet of low calorie sweetener = 2 teaspoons of regular sugar Supplied in single sachets or strips joined or as per our clients specifications

Certifications : FDA, ISO9001:2000


Sourced from the finest tea gardens in the world, Australasian Food Services Black tea is expertly blended to give you a superb taste. It is also a rich natural source of antioxidants. This is important because a heart healthy diet typically contains flavonoid rich foods. Studies have also shown that tea, the amount you enjoy in 3 cups, can improve blood vessel function.

Common Types of Tea

  •   Black
  •   White
  •   Green
  •   Oolong

Blends of Tea

  •   Jasmine
  •   Earl Grey
  •   English Breakfast
  •   Fruit Tea
  •   Herbal Infusion
  •   Rooibos

Tea Bags and Tea Supply

Black teas are fully fermented and vary in appearance from a broken to a long black leaf, resulting in a golden-brown liquor. These teas are the most commonly drunk in the western world. All our Black Teas comes from Rainforest Alliance certified farms.

Our tea bags can be supplied with a draw string and tag alone or enclosed in a sachet. They are packed in bulk 1000 / 5000 bag cartons or as per our clients specifications



All Cereal Products are sourced from our affiliate Mills.

They have the following International Quality Certifications :-

  • ISO 22000
  • ISO 9001
  • GMP

In addition all Cereals are

halal approved logo
   Halal Certifie

kosher approved logo
   Kosher Approved

Cereal Production

Our manufactures produce more than 50 types of cereal ingredients for export worldwide. They have all major cereal processing lines available including rolling line, drum dryer, traditional toasting, extruder, puffing gun and even infra-red drying.

Cereal We Supply

  •    Plain Corn Flakes
  •    Chocolate Corn Flakes
  •    Frosted Corn Flakes
  •    Plain Rice Bubbles
  •    Chocolate Rice Bubbles
  •    Strawberry Rice Bubbles
  •    Wheat Flakes
  •    Fruit Rings
  •    Toasted Oat Rings (Natural)
  •    Toasted Oat Rings (Honey)
  •    Toasted Oat Rings (Apple and Cinnamon)
  •    Chocolate Balls
  •    Toasted Muesli (with Fruit)
  •    Plain Muesli (with Fruit)

Jams and Preserves


Our Jams are all 100% Australian Made, and made from the finest fruit to age old receipes.

Fruit Jams

Made from the finest Local and imported ingredients, Australian Food Services Jams are tailor made to suit our clients requirements. 

Flavours of Jam

  •    Strawberry
  •    Raspberry
  •    Plum
  •    Apricot
  •    Orange Marmalade
Other flavours are available upon request.

They can be packaged for Hotel style single serve portions or into Room service 28 gram jars. we can tailor the packaging and labelling to suit your requirements. Call a member of our Customer Service team to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.